Pre-boiling leg quarters.

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  1. Hello all! I'm new to the smoking scene and going to smoke some ribs and chicken quarters coming up soon for the family. I've recently purchased some pecan and apple large chunks to use. Just wondering if I could get some helpful tips and questions answered.
    I plan to brine the chicken quarters over night then a grill mates dry rub before cooking (just salt and sugar nothing fancy for the brine) and letting the ribs marinate with some grill mates dry rub. The wife said someone suggested Pre-boiling the chicken before smoking to save time (she isn't a patient cook), but how does that affect the smoke flavor and does it make the skin rubbery? Also I wanted to do the ribs with pecan and chicken with Apple chunks. Do I just add the different wood when the ribs are done and add coals to keep the heat going or do I need to pull out the coals and do a fresh set, or would it even make a difference? I'm using a smoke hollow 4 in 1 grill.
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    No, no, no, no, no, no...... [​IMG]

    Par boiling anything is a no, no - let your smoker do the work and you wont regret it! [​IMG]
  3. Thank you!
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    I'm going to be hanged for this, but you could steam your leg quarters before smoking. A thousand years of Chinese culinary history can't be wrong.
  5. Thank you mdboatbum but I'll just start earlier and do the full smoke.
  6. We must decide whether we are going to make smoked meat or soup. That determines the cooking method.
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    There wasn't a hanging rope icon! lol
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    Well,dirtyville . now you've done it.. [​IMG]  and you too Johnny, you've up - set the "Smoke gods" . This Usually shakes the Smoking World ... quick everyone , go out and smoke something , even if it's a Cigarette . Keep the Smoke gods Happy [​IMG]

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