Power outage on electric smoker

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  1. I was smoking a couple bacon wrapped pork loin roasts on my masterbuilt vertical smoker. The power went out 2 hours ago. I was smoking at 220 and they were in there for about a hour and half. I didn't open the door and when the power came back on the internal temp was 116. I'm gonna continue my cook. Is this a good idea or are they ruined. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    I'm not sure.  That is 2 hours well below the safety zone. If it were me I would toss them just to be safe. Food poisoning is a horrible experience.  You won't be able to tell by smell if they are safe to eat. Better safe than sorry.
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    If the Pork was not Injected or packer " Enhanced ", the meat is fine. With the smoker at 220+ the surface was sterilized in short order and there was not enough down time to worry about airborne bacteria being an issue...JJ
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  4. Thank you both for your input. I continued the cook and it looked fine. We ate them and they were pretty good. Thanks again.
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    Keep your self a Stainless Steel Colander around and a emergency bag of charcoal, if it ever happens again, just fill the bowl and light and use the charcoal to get you thru [​IMG]  

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