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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by newflame, May 21, 2010.

  1. newflame

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    We're doing a catering event for 300 people tomorrow and one of the side items is a herb roasted baby potato, we've got about 150 lbs and we quarter them beforehand, just looking for any ideas as to how to cook them, we've got 3 ovens we have access to, and I think they'll work, but any "out of the box" ideas would be welcome. thanks.
  2. athabaskar

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    Lots of olive oil and a liberal amount of Weber Chicago Steak seasoning from Sam's works for me. I suppose any other steak seasoning would be good.
  3. dutch

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    When I'm catering with the Dutch ovens, I'll quarter some fingerling 'tatars, toss them with some salad oil, sprinkle them with some garlic powder, dried italian herbs, fresh cracked black pepper and some kosher salt. Toss to mix and bake at 350° until tender (about 45-50 minutes)

    Another way I do them is to take a hotel pan (or large aluminum foil pan) and lay down a layer of spuds, a layer of sliced onion and keep repeating the layers until your about an 1 1/2 from the top. Take two family sized cans of Cream of mushroom soup and pour them into a mixing bowl and add ONE family sized can of water to the soup. Mix well and pour over the layered taters and onions. Cover with aluminum foil and bake in 350° oven until taters are tender.
  4. jirodriguez

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    Line your sheet pans with parchment paper, liberaly coat the potato's with salt, pepper, and any other spices/herbs you desire. Spread in single layer on sheet pans and roast at 350° till done. Have a big wide mouth bowl handy and dump cooked potato's into bowl, check seasoning, add salt if needed, put in hotel pans, cover with plastic wrap and pop them into a warmer.

    Forgot... if you really want to make them sing, serve them with some hollindase sauce.... mmmmmmm..... *drool*
  5. mballi3011

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    I'm voting for Dutches method I think it sounds like the taters will come out really tastey and easy to make too.
  6. bearcarver

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    I agree with Mark. The first way Dutch describes is exactly the way Mrs Bear makes them about 3 times a week-----I love 'em (and her for making them for me)![​IMG]

  7. adiochiro3

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    Dutch's first method is what we do too. My wife uses olive oil & the above mentioned seasonings. Works great. We also use this method for sweet potato as well. sometimes the two together; always with sliced onion!

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