Potato Bomb

Discussion in 'Veggies' started by ice daddy, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. ronrude, I agree but what's nice is you can tailor the stuffing to what is best for your.  Thanks for comment.
  2. africanmeat

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    It looks great .i love stuff veggies, tomato's, Zucchini and potato's .you can use a tsp that you sharpen on one side and scope it out

    or you can use a jalapeno corer

  3. I like that idea, but I've never seen one around here.  Guess I need to go online for the corer.  Thanks  I think that will allow me to scoop out more from the potato and get more goodies inside.  [​IMG]
  4. phogi

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    I'm sure this tastes good, but seems like alot of work. How does it compare to simply loading up the potato with cooked bacon and cheese after it is cooked?
  5. mneeley490

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    And brining, rubbing, injecting, curing, etc, etc, isn't? [​IMG]  I thought that was the fun part?

    Truthfully, there's no comparison. You have a potato here, surrounded by cripy bacon and infused with the bacon fat, cheese and whatnot. I like to insert with chopped garlic, green onion, cheese and salami. But the combinations are endless.

    If you unwrap and serve to guests, all they have to do is cut into it. No loading necessary.
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  6. mneeley490 is right on target here.  Time really is minimal, maybe a minute, once you have your goodies read and like he say the combinations are endless. 
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    That cheese was made about 45 min. From my house. I drive by it 3 times a week. I stop at the factory once in a while and have them lop me off a couple pound chunk of 5 yr. extra sharp cheddar off of a huge lock they have sitting there.
  8. It is a great cheese.  Got it at Costco, $4.50 lb.  They also had a Jalapeno Buffalo wing Cheddar that looks pretty good and 2 or 3 other spiced up Cheddars which I can't seem to remember right now.
  9. davidhef88

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    hate to tell you what I pay a Lb. for it at the factory. lol  the buffalo is good,  If you can get some of the habanaro cheddar it is great.  great flavor and heat.
  10. davidhef88

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    I just went to thier site ( kuttercheese.com  )  and you are actually getting a hell of a deal aver ordering on line.  the jalapeno/cayenne is also good, horseraddish cheddar is good om roastbeef sandwhiches.  Man I'm getting hungry,  gonna have to stop there Tues. om my way by.
  11. This is how i've done them also. I use the smaler red potatos alot so you can eat more than one with different stuffing in each. 

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  12. That was one happy lookin tater and the steak too! Bet they would be good with peppercorn sauce on them.
  13. Genius! I'm doing this tonight with some habanero jack I have left over from the stuffed bacon wrapped meatballs we made a bit ago
  14. Sounds great.  I've been looking for something to make a bigger hole so I can stuff more in it.  It really has a great flavor throughout when it's done.  Take some photos so we can see your results.

  15. My sister brought me some of the horseradish cheddar this past weekend, so I'm gonna be giving that a try.
  16. jrod62

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    I will have to try this.
  17. Here's what I have so far with my potato bombs. I started with 2 russets, cleaned and dried.

    Rendered some proper bacon

    Mixed some habanero jack with some sharp cheddar, chives and the previously rendered bacon

    I cored the potatoes on one end only and using the corer, scooped out some of the innards of the spuds. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap pics of that part as my hands were full if potato bits and didn't want to mess my phone. After coring, I stuffed with the mixture if cheese, chives and bacon until almost full and then capped the end with part of the spud core and secured with a toothpick. Then it was on to the Traeger at 375 for a bit of a cook.

    They should be about done right now, but I'm leaving it up to my wife to ensure the final doneness if up to par since it's a pack meeting for my boy's Cub Scout pack. I'll make sure to post some pictures of the final product upon my return home.
  18. Finished product
  19. Looks very tasty.  You got a lot more stuff in yours than I did.  Good job. How was the habanero?
  20. The heat came thought nicely, but the potato itself was lacking a bit in flavor. Should have seasoned and oiled the skin first. Next run I'll try stuffing it with pulled pork.

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