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  1. My friends and I get together on Sundays to play music. Our jamb sessions also include a pot luck. I decided to make pulled pork for this weeks gathering. When shopping for the meat I saw a 2 pack of butts that weighed in at 18 lbs. This is way more than I need but I decided to get them anyway. I'll have PP for the week and be able to freeze the rest, probably enough for another pot luck. I smoked on an 18.5 WSM using lump charcoal with hickory for the smoke wood. I usually do butts hot and fast with target temps on the smoker at 275 - 300

    Rubbed with a generous coating of Bad Byron's

    My new favorite way of starting a fire. I buried chunks of hickory in the coal for smoke wood

    Brisket on the hoof contemplating TBS

    First I add a pan full of low sodium vegetable broth on the lower rack of my WSM, I always start with low sodium because the drippings will be plenty salty from the rub. Cat is always ready in case a tasty morsel should fall to the ground.

    The butts barely fit in my 18.5 WSM

    At 2 hrs. I added a couple of brats for lunch. Butts are already developing a nice bark.

    Lunch is ready!

    Since I am running my pit at 275 to 300 I chose to add red bell peppers at the 4 hour mark to avoid burning them.

    At 6.5 hrs. the IT was 170 so I pulled the butts and put them in a covered pan with the drippings I collected.

    I pulled the butts at 205 IT at the 8.5 hr mark. After a couple of hours rest in a cooler wrapped in foil and towels the butts were ready to pull.

    The finished product. Pulled pork is perfect for smoking in advance of consumption. I generally reheat in an electric roaster set at around 250. I add some vinegar based finishing sauce, some of the pan juices and serve with some sweet sauce on the side for those who want it. Personally I think sweet sauce covers up the meat and smoke flavor, so I usually stick to the finishing sauce myself. Surplus will be vacuum packed and frozen for later consumption.

    Thanks for looking!
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    I believe you nailed that sucker............ Good eats all week!
  3. Thanks Foam, having some for lunch right now!

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