Post A Picture of Your COMPLETED Mini-WSM Here ! (Mini Weber Smokey Mountain, MWSM)

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by bdskelly, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice looking Mini! Are there any neighbors around you that have fruit or oak trees? Do you know any landscapers or yard maintenance people? If so ask them for the trimmings. A friend of mine is a maintenance person and he gets all good trimmings from his clients yards for his smoker.
  2. welshrarebit

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  3. A picture of my first mini-WSM-(like) smoker.  I am currently working on an upgraded version using a weber smoky Joe Gold, it will be a no-compromise design.  I will post pictures of my Super-Mini-WSM when done.
  4. I love the paint job! It's a big decision deciding what logo/ design to put on it. What was your first smoke on your new mini?
  5. Nice looking mini Addertooth. How are you liking it? Good performance?
  6. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    My daughter picked out the sticker for the paint job. We bought it at a local surf shop. I wanted something surfy/beachy for those camping / fishing trips down at the beach but still says Hawaii.

    I love seeing other peoples customized paint jobs on their pots because as soon as I see the mini I know whose it is.

    First smoke was a spog w/ paprika chicken smoked with kiawe wood.
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  7. UAEsmoke,

    I am loving it.  I did two 8 pound pork shoulders in it.  The Cuisinart kettle was most similar to the Smoky Joe Silver (with the damper on the bottom) and needed the can-mod over the damper to keep it ash-free.  The legs do not attach as securely as a Smoky Joe, so they will require some strengthening.  The compact diffuser design required some tweaking (more flow), but worked very well when changed.  It is a good companion for my MES 40.  The biggest motivator to make it was, the Cuisinart kettle was just sitting around, and un-used.

    The results with the beer can chicken and pork should it has made, has encouraged me to build a second one.  The second one will be with the Smoky Joe Gold, a larger pot, the same compact diffuser design and the pitmaster IQ120 thermostatically controlled blower. 
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  8. Built this mini couple of weeks ago using an 18 inch Jumbo Joe grill paired with an 80 qt SS pot, and I am very happy with the way it cooks.

    Two 18 in racks with thermometer cable probe entry between them, lowest bolt for a heat diffuser.

  9. dirtsailor2003

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    You really need to smoke my loco Moco fatty!
  10. welshrarebit

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    I don't swing that way sailor... Lol, just kidding I'll look it up. Sounds awesome.
  11. dirtsailor2003

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  12. welshrarebit

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  13. Here's mine, completed last night. About the graphic - my friends like my BBQ and have taken to calling my house "flavor country" so I decided to embrace that with a little tongue in cheek "fanciness" with the British spelling...[​IMG]

    Two racks on the inside and an elevated diffuser (hung just below the ledge where the steamer insert usually sits). Thermo port in the back. Thanks to all the members here that helped inspire the build!

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  14. CXG231,

    Ah, that's what they look like when they are all silver and pretty on the inside ;)

    Time for a serious smoke and convert that silver to weathered bronze!
  15. 8lb pork butt tomorrow, can't wait!
  16. Finally, a few pictures of my super mini WSM.  It starts with a Smokey Joe Gold this time.  It uses a 40 quart pot, as versus the usual 32 quart IMUSA or Vasconia.  The bolts for the racks are blind/hidden on the outside (no bolt head on the outside of the smoker).  It supports up to 4 racks at the same time, and is rapidly re-configurable to different spacing between racks.

    It also uses an IQ-120 to support long unattended smokes.  It also supports programmable temperature changes based upon meat temperature or time.  The force air from the IQ120 is injected into two locations on the firebox to encourage complete charcoal burn.  It has a battery booster as a back-up power source, which will support tailgating or camping.  The extra tall pot supports smoking of meat up to 15 inches tall in single-rack mode. 

    Yet to be fabricated: Thermal blanket for sides and top, to reduce charcoal consumption for very long smokes.

  17. litterbug

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    My mini BIOHAZARD

    I only have one grate at this time, will probably have to add another later. Added one intake (kinda scared myself doing it because I didn't want to oversize the hole) (its a TIGHT fit) also fabbed up a charcoal basket. Can't wait to get her broke in!!
  18. litterbug

    litterbug Smoke Blower

    Here's the charcoal basket. Just wire tied and bolted.
    I know everybody knows what they look like, but I'm just a little excited to show off my work.
    If it wasn't for all of you and your worm and instructions on how to do this I'm sure this project would not have happened.
  19. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking mini! You're gonna love it! Taking two of mine to our last camp of the summer season this weekend. Tri tip, Scarbelly wings, ABT's and pork shots!!!
  20. litterbug

    litterbug Smoke Blower

    Thanks dirtsailor! That means a lot coming from the mini master. Hopefully the rain holds off this weekend and I can get it broke in. Was gonna do a pork butt but the wife wants a roast beef. Prolly gonna have to babysit the mini for awhile because I'm gonna be new to the mini and the whole charcoal thing. I picked up a bag of cherry chunks from HD to try out.

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