Possibly getting an Electric but need tips on which one.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by duffygould, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. So the wife and I are moving in 2 months. So far we're gonna be on the third floor....[​IMG][​IMG] Oh well it'll be a good work out! Anyways 3 flights of stairs is too much to carry my ecb and gear up and down everytime I wanna smoke. I need some tips on electric smokers for the patio. Its a cemented patio so no worries. I'm looking for something probably less than $100 and hopefully has some temp control. Any ways cheap is a must since were poor, hince my ECB... and another question: has anyone converted the ECB charcoal to elect.?
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    The ecb conversion costs about $30.00, and is very easy. Brinkman makes an electric element specifically for this project. Given your price range, and the capacity of an ecb, I would think this is your most logical option.
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    That or drop the 40 to 70 on an electric Brinkmann. I like mine, it is the red gourmet version.
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    Either buy the conversion kit for the ecb or upgrade to a stock electric ecb, either way can get much cheaper then that.........ecb are good little smokers that are proven to work with a few mods.........
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    What did you decide on? I realize you are not a beginner but I just got a buddy started (martinhouse2000) with an ECB electric.
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    During my seperation from my first wife.........I lived on the second floor of a big apt. complex.
    I lived the same delimas that you are facing.
    I went with a Cookshack Smokette and still use it after 9 years a heck of a lot.
    Its extreemly well insulated and works like a charm.

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    Thats about all there good for...

    I agree, set it and forget, produces some quality Q! [​IMG]

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