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  1. I know that smoking requires 24 hour-ahead planning. My downfall. Today, my wife and I worked on some of our trust stuff (not each other, the legal entity!). She pulled some elk round steak out of the freezer mid morning. I wasn't planning on smoking anything today. So, about 4 PM she went next door to visit, I picked up the meat package and it was pretty danged solid. I thought 'OK, into the micro on defrost 5 minutes'. It was nice outside, so I wanted to play with the smoke generator some more. Decided to light it off good with the MAPP, then let it burn for 10 min. or so, like the gurus say. Went back inside, and 5 minutes was WAY too long in defrost mode for that package. These gorgeous little elk round steaks were looking pretty gray, just some pink in the middle. Who wants micro-waved only red meat? Hmmmm. Ran back out and started the new MES30, set to only 160.

     Went back and pounded the heck out of those steaks with the metal hammer tenderizer, both sides, because the edges were looking too done already. Smeared Jim Beam BBQ sauce on top side only, as much for moisture retention as flavor. Put 'em on the rack, temp set at only 160. (They were already cooked, near as I could tell. Left them 35 minutes or so in the smoke cuz I wanted the smoke flavor, just didn't want to cook any more. The sauce sort of soaked in and I put some more on top only again. They spent an hour and 10 minutes in there total. Actually put mine back in the micro for 20 seconds to heat it up a little. Had the metal steak platters warmed up in the smoker too. Woo hoo!! It was really good, and tender, and juicy, and had taken on the smoke flavor. Pure Dumb Luck. That needs to be added to the smoking meat forum glossary - P D L !! Where the meat had been barely pink, it turned a little reddish again, but I think that was smoke from the bottom side going into all those hammer marks. So what started off as just a big snafu ended up being my best effort so far. Happy, happy! No Q-view this time, but we'll do it again. These cuts were butterflied round steak, about 5/8" thick before I pounded them. A little preliminary to call this a recipe - more a 'happy accident' like Bob Ross used to say.   I'm liking this new smoking thing a bunch!

  2. Great thinking and nice recovery to save those steaks!
  3. When defrosting meat in a microwave, never use the defrost setting the manufacturer puts on the machine. That runs the machine at 50% power, which is way too much.

    When I microwave frozen meat, with the aim being a quick defrost, I use, with meat right out of the freezer, power 3 for ten to 15 minutes, check the meat, turn it over then do either a power 3 or 2 for 5 to 10 increments, until meat is near done.  I then set in sunlight in warm place and it is totally defrosted, a 5 lb roast lets say, in under 30 minutes. 
  4. Palladini,

    This wasn't my first microwave defrosting rodeo. Microwaves vary a lot in this regard, so YMMV.[​IMG] I think most folks who own a microwave have messed around with the defrost feature enough to know how their own works. I know I have. This wasn't a large meat package, it had been sitting out quite a while already, and when I said I put it on defrost for 5 min., I didn't elaborate and tell you that was on power #3 on my unit.!! Truth be told, I didn't microwave boil it out of ignorance, just inattention to details and the task at hand. I learned more about smoking for sure, and maybe a little about my lack of multi-tasking skills.[​IMG]   Perhaps I should not attempt to defrost meat, set temp & time on the smoker, get the pellets going, start the baked potatoes, find the steak sizzler plates and walk to the mailbox within 15 minutes. I'll try to remember.

  5. And you think you have memory problems, Ha-ha.  I have been diagnosed with what might be the early onset of dementia or possibly Alzheimer’s.
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    Wally- I think you might be on to something. I know when I first started out smoking stuff Al Gore was just starting to think about inventing the internet and neat sites like SMF wasn't around so a lot of learning was by trial and error and PDL.
  7. Palladini,

    Wow. So I'll forget you ever said anything if you'll do likewise! :) . Hope it goes well for you! Wallypedal

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