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    Well I wont have a place to store this soon and due to life I need the cash more than a toy. Ill make another when I have a place to keep it again.

    This is a 75 Porsche 914 converted to a smoker. It needs a little work but is functional as it sits. I actually used the grill part at a charity event a couple of months ago.

    What it needs is a little body work and a good cleaning and I was converting it from a trailer queen to being towed on its own wheels which again is functional. I towed it over 2 hours on a tow bar and didnt even notice it back there so functionally it works good. I have not fitted the bumper over the tow bar brackets yet.

    The body work it needs which I do not have pics of yet is the driver side door and fender have some damage from the door opening too far and hitting the fender. The front of the door is wrinkled and the rear of the fender as well. I will try to get some pics of it. First I need to go get it dug out of the garage.

    This is a 1975 Porsche 914.

    Has original 4 Lug Fuchs wheels.

    Repainted with original Porsche paint.

    Has a 4 burner propane grill in the back that works awesome.

    Guestimating here but probably about 30 Sq Ft of smoking racks.

    Has a propane burner in the smoke box for maintaining temps easier.

    Firebox holds 5 or so good size logs.

    I was in the middle of doing lots of little things to it that I doubt I will have time to complete before the sale. Really it needs rewired and replumbed for the propane as well as the body work but overall its still in nice shape and serves as a great billboard. Nobody can drive by and see the smoke rolling out of it without stopping to see what is going on. Once they see it they buy BBQ if youre selling it :) Great for charity events. Makes a lot of money. Now If I could only make some money off of it for me I would be set.

    All lights function and are wired for towing but still work with the light switch in the car.

    Has brand new (though slightly dry rotted) tires.

    Any other questions ask. I will be getting it out and cleaned up and taking more pictures sometime this week but heres what I got handy.
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    More pics.
    Im sure I got more. Looking through all my stuff right now. Looking for some of the inside of the smoke box at least.

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