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Discussion in 'Pork' started by northwet smoker, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Well the weather up here is not cooperating for my smoke this weekend. It's raining [​IMG] and I don't have a covered area to smoke so I'm thinking about doing some pork tenderloins over the blue flame (or maybe the rotisserie). I picked up Jeff's Rub the other day and was wondering how you all thought it would work on a tenderloin? I am anxious to try this rub after reading the rave reviews. Any thoughts?

  2. sumosmoke

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    Jeff's rub is pretty good on anything ... pork tenderloin included! My suggestion is to apply the rub as early as possible and let it try to sit on the meat for around 24-48 hours to allow the spices and "good stuff" in the rub to become part of the meat. Once the rub is applied, wrap that sucker tightly in saran wrap (or plastic wrap) and enjoy the aroma it gives off in the fridge before pulling to put on the smoker.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Sumo, what do you think about using mustard before the rub? I've read conflicting viewpoints about this on the forum. Kinda sounds good though.
  4. sumosmoke

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    Great questions, NorthWet ....

    Putting mustard on a butt prior to adding the rub helps with the adhesion of the rub to the meat a little more, plus will aid with the formation of the bark on your butt! The mustard burns off and leaves the pork without any traces of mustard flavor, so it's almost a wash if you use it or don't use it.

    Personally, I don't add the mustard anymore prior to the rub. Tried it once and didn't notice any difference so saved me a few pennies on buying another bottle of it. [​IMG]
  5. cinnamonkc

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    I too did a side by side comparison of mustard vs no mustard, and I didn't see any difference, so I gave it up. More money for charcoal!! [​IMG]
  6. jbchoice1

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    I have found that a dijon mustard or a hot and spicy mustard does in fact add a little flavor as well. my .02
  7. travcoman45

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    I don't happen ta use jeff's rub, but a rub of any sort is certainly goin ta add flavor ta any meat yall cook. As fer the mustard, I use it, always will, buy the biggest cheapest bottle the store has, goes along ways, heps that rub stick everywhere. See, this here craft is one of personal choice, ya try sumtin ya like it ya use it, ifin ya don't like it, yall will try sumtin else. That's whats great bout it, ain't nobody's the same!
  8. flash

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    Tenderloins don't need the smoker anyway. Throw them on the grill with some of Jeff's Rub or some other concoction. Pull around 145 to 150º internal, wrap and let rest for atleast 30 minutes. [​IMG]
  9. davenh

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    I find the mustard adds no flavor, but does make thicker layer of rub stay on.

    With a tenderloin I don't think you will have it on long enough to really get a good crusty bark going with indirect heat, it may just stay kind of gooey.

    I'll usually just marinate or lightly season a small tenderloin. Smoke it or grill on low flame to around 148°.
  10. [​IMG] Thanks for the replies everyone. I will probably try the mustard as I'm thinking it might help give it a good crust on the rotisserie (gas grill has the rotisserie burner on the back). I'm bummed to not be smoking this weekend but I guess cooking on the blue flame is better than nothing! If anybody has any other pointers please post them up. Hope everyone has a good weekend and your que turns out great.

  11. sumosmoke

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    Think we can still get you that smokey-goodness you're wanting your meat to be flavored with.

    If you're going to be using a propane grill, make yourself an aluminum foil pouch and fill it with, preferably chips, of the wood-of-choice. Close the foil pouch back up and poke several holes in the foil. Place next or near to the heat source and the wood will steam itself in the foil, thus releasing some TBS for your flavoring. Just be careful where the pouch is placed so it's not directly sitting in the blue flame.

    Good luck!
  12. seaham358

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    You can rub with Olive Oil then put the rub on... wrap and let sit..
    I wrap mine in thick sliced bacon for added moisture.. Never had a
    comment yet... Loins are an easy smoke, and they taste great!!
  13. I was actually going to try that Sumo. Remember you mentioning this in another thread! Thanks

  14. Wrapped in bacon!! Another great idea. Sounds delicious.

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