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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rc1991, May 28, 2010.

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    Did some pork tenderloin for dinner tonight - did one rubbed with Jeff's rub and one with Galena Street Rub from Penzey's Spices that someone recommended. Smoked with apple wood and spritzed with apple juice/rum. The one on top in the pan is the one with Jeff's rub and for the pork tenderloin I think I preferred Jeff's rub. The Galena Street was good too but had a bit of kick to it....and I like spicy...but I think it overwhelmed the subtle apple wood smoke. Also did some grilled broccoli - done with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. If you've never tried it I would recommend it - it's easy to do and good!



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    that looks very good
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    Nice job there RC!
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    Great job on the pork !![​IMG]
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    Now it looks like you did a fine job with your pork to. What temp did you take it to.???? I do really like the grilled broccoli too.
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    Looks good,  I have a couple in the fridge to smoke up sometime this weekend.     I still need to tinker with the cooking time/resting time.
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    Good looking loins.  I need to stop stuffing mine & try another one without all the stuff in the middle. [​IMG]
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    That had to be good
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    Thanks for all the comments everyone! A couple of answers to questions below....now that I think I figured out how to use multi-quote! Now I'm trying to decide what to smoke this weekend! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend with good smoking weather!
    I took them to about 155 though I think the smaller one was probably a touch higher - I put some foil on at the end to catch the few drippings mixed with the apple juice/rum spray I was using. Our neighbor down the street was a chef and he turned us on to grilled broccoli - one of my favorite ways to eat it now!

    These took about 2 1/2 hours or so to take them to the 150-160 range - I didn't put a thermometer in the smaller one. Smoker was probably around 250 or so. I have 2 oven thermometers on different racks and they were way off from one another so I'm splitting the difference temp. wise.

    That's funny you say that because after seeing all of the stuffed ones that's what I'm itching to try next!

    I've attached a pic of the label from the rub below - it doesn't say Bronzeville, just "Galena Street" and the one I have looks like it may add cayenne pepper based on the ingredient list. I didn't see it on the web-site, but I picked this up at the store front they have in NYC. The guy at work who told me about them is from Long Island so I believe he either went in person to the store there or the one I went to and don't think he's done mail order. I'll ask him though - in any case it was good stuff but definitely had some more kick then I was expecting....not that it was a bad thing because I do like spice!


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