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  1. Found a deal today on pork tenderloin tips, but one get two free, naturally, I had to buy some. I have no idea what tenderloin tips are, but I am guessing they are the ends of the tenderloin that had been cut off. Anybody have any experience smoking these? I was thinking about putting them In a smoking pan for a couple hours until they hit temp, add some sauce and foil for another couple hours. Hoping they would come out similar to country style ribs, or maybe I could shred them for sandwiches. Does it sound like this will work?
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    You are right about tips being the ends. Tenderloin tapers off at both ends so some places cut those off. I have not smoked them but I would think that they need to be cooked at a low temp until they reach 140-145 and that's it. There is no fat in them to break down to where they will pull apart. You could treat them like a small loin or tenderloin (I imagine each one is probably 1/2lb or less).
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    Just thinking here.... I used to get those bags of pieces of tenderloin, I cused the butcher because I didn't look at the cryopac bag to see if it was two tenderloins inside instead of the pieces.

    Now today, I think I would marinate them, maybe in a sauce like Disco did his pork in, if ya like asia food. Then I would maybe roll each piece in bacon, skewer it and add a piece a pineapple to the skewer with it. Dust it with some brown sugar and grill it. Be like a spicy sweet and sour.

    Just me thinking out loud.

    Disco's marinade:


    Be careful though, tenderloin will not take long to cook, and when its overdone and dry its not so good. If I remenber right Disco had his pork on less than one hour and it wasn't even tenderloin.

    Whatever ya decide I bet its good and remember to show us what ya do.

    Bon Chance!
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  5. Thanks for the help guys. And tropics, I know to use the search feature first. All I got were tips on how to cook tenderloin, not how to cook tenderloin tips.
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    Sorry only tried to help.

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