Pork tenderloin Q shots

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  1. First I must apologies for not having any other pictures. My camera was having a issue with the memory card (SD). I meant this to be a great cook and Q view. I only managed the great  cook.

    First I brined the tenderloins with the left over injection. Apple juice Rub and a little salt. This went for about 7 hours. Then I used a glaze that I make out of all the normal things one puts in the foil when cooking ribs. Apple juice Brown sugar rub and  butter. I use the glaze to hold the rub. I put the meat in a 230 MES till the IT was 130 Then I put some BBQ sauce on the meat I applied the sauce twice once a 130 and again at 140,I took them out at 147. The only problem with tenderloins are they are not the same thickness . One end always get done before the other. But that just means there is a snack for the cook.HA HA Here  are the final shots. I have made this once a week for several weeks and won't make it for awhile. The next time I will do a good job on both ends of the cook.

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  3. It looks GREAT!

    Happy smoken.

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    Oh my gosh these look gorgeous and tasty!
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    You should apologize. As a matter of fact, I think you should invite me for some that pork to make it up to me for messing up the pictures. Right is right.

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    Mighty fine lookin Q there

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