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Discussion in 'Pork' started by soflogator, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. soflogator

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    While wondering what to smoke Friday night, I saw Mirciu's post for bacon wrapped pork tenderloins. I was inspired then and there!

    Saturday night I rubbed them down with Jeff ' s naked pork rub, wrapped them in plastic wrap and foil and put them away for the night.

    Sunday morning, weaved the bacon together and prepped 'em for the smoker.

    I preheated my MES 40 for an hour at 225 then loaded in Todd's 5x8 pellet smoker with hickory pellets putting out the TBS.

    Tenderloins went in about 1:00 came out 5 hours later at 6:00. I opened the smoker once at the 4 hour mark to put the meat probe in. Here they are just out.

    And here it is sliced and ready to enjoy.It was delicious and my wife has said several times she thinks it is the best dish I've ever smoked. Happy wife, happy life!!
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  2. rmmurray

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    B E A Utiful Job! :points1:
    I love it. I see a pork loin and bacon in my future.
    - Ryan
  3. soflogator

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    RMMurray..Ryan...thank you for the nice comment and the point (my first!!)
  4. I'm sorry i'm late  looks great  and here is your second  [​IMG]     Nice Job

  5. soflogator

    soflogator Fire Starter

    Gary...thank you for the comment and the point! I have just been studying your thread for "East Texas Beef Ribs" that I'm prepping tonight for tomorrow's smoke.

    I'm going to use Jeff ' s "Texas Rub" with a little A-1 Bold and Spicy instead of mustard to adhere the rub.

    Hope to post some QVIEW tomorrow.
  6. I'll be looking for it, need any help I'm usually around

  7. Gator, what was your internal when you pulled these?
  8. soflogator

    soflogator Fire Starter

    Hi Franko...internal temp was dead on 165 when I pulled them off. I'm thinking about trying them again this weekend to see if I can get the same response from my Sweetie 😉!
  9. soflogator

    soflogator Fire Starter

    Franko...I also forgot...when I said 225 degrees that was using the MES 40 2.5 builtin smoker temp display. Internal was also obtained first using builtin meat probe and I then checked that immediately with a hand held digital instant read probe and it also read 165 dead on. Just wanted to be clear on how I did things. Water tray was in place for heat dispersion but was left empty.

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