Pork-tastic pulled pork, Canadian bacon, pork hocks...(Qview of course)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Doing up a pulled pork butt for dinner tonight. Following the basic pulled pork from the forum and SoFlaQuers finishing sauce and a bit of home made BBQ sauce. Probably make a side of slaw as well and get some good dinner rolls.

    Covered in Cajun seasoning, and smoking with a hickory apple blend

    Also got a half dozen hocks that are going into pops brine

    And finally, a nice loin that will be turning into some CB, also into the brine. Looking at doing peppered, maple glazed, plain and maybe Cajun flavor.

    anyways, hope everyone is having a smoky day!
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  2. update, 3hours in the smoker, IT is up to 106 and done smoking, started mopping it with apple cider and spiced rum.

    gonna pull once it gets to 165, foil wrap and finish it off in the oven.
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    looks good man i just got mine on the smoker 20 min ago.
  4. Finished product....Overall happy with my first run at pulled pork, was tender and juicy. Now gotta work a bit more on the bark...

    Added so SoFlaQuers finishing sauce...

    Served on buns w slaw, and homemade q sauce and Franks extra hot

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    Looks great!!
  6. Bacon was in brine for 12 days, so I checked it out, did a fry test a seasoned last night. Couldn't get the before and after fry test...didn't last long enough [​IMG]

    Did 2 pepper(one in half), 1 plain and 1 maple/brown sugar with a mix of extract and real maple syrup.

    Then today loaded up the smoker with the bacon, added some cheese and started cold smoking. Her she is after 2 hours. Gonna give the cheese 1 more hour and the bacon 4 more.

  7. So the hocks are finally done brining, pulled them last night, and dried them in the fridge. Forecast is calling for snow and freezing rain as far ahead as it can see so, decided to go ahead and get smoking.

    Here they are at 1hour in, smoking around 115 in a hickory apple blend , gonna bump up the heat now and get em cookin'

  8. Final product, cooling and waiting to be frozen. Gonna keep one out for a pea soup I think.

    My "assistant", waiting to see if there is anything he can help with...

  9.   Everything looks great. I love Pops' brine and use it often. Great smoke!

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    Ref pork hocks: What temperature did you finally used and for how long did you smoke them?

    Many thanks,
  11. After I smoked them for the first hour, I put the temp up around 200 until they were 155 IT. I smoked for the first 3 hours, total time was around 7 hours.
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    Hi CDN,

    Wow, sorry I missed this thread when it first came out! Your ham hocks look great, fantastic color on them. Looks like a great bunch of curing and smoking projects, awesome job!

    Happy Holidays!

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