PORK SKIN ... (for pork rinds) ???

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jckdanls 07, Feb 16, 2017.

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    For making pork rinds, Is there any difference in what part of the skin is used ?? The only part I have used so far is the belly skin (when making bacon) ... I found a store that sells skin for a $1.99 lb ... not sure what they have... just wanted to arm myself with knowledge before going in to get some ... Thanks for your thoughts ...
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    My $.02 is skin is skin in butchering hogs over the years when we trimmed the meat for sausage and lard we never separated anything and we had pork skins which we called cracklings when rendering the lard. Love pork skins all flavors BBq, plain, salt and vinegar yell buddy. Enjoy  [​IMG]

  3. I make them a la David Chan.  I first boil them to render some of the fat.  Then, I scrape off the remaining fat with a spoon.  I cut them up in strip, salt them and place in a dehydrator.  Once completely dry, I fry them in oil/lard to puff up.  Here is some with shiracha/mayo sauce.

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    Exactly. I save the belly skin. Sometimes I will buy a Picnic that has the skin on it that I cut off and save for rinds or cracklings. If you can get just the skins, go for it! They sure are good made fresh around the campfire!

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    Keith I have a store were I buy that it works real good


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