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Discussion in 'Pork' started by chrish, Jun 2, 2007.

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    for making pork skin chips, I know you cant simply use fresh pork skins they have to be rendered as ive seen out door street venders use and cook and sell pork rinds festavials and such, there light to dark brown square chips that are cooked in oil and these venders have boxes of them, so does anyone know where to get these boxes (maby online?) my meat locker in this town doesnt have a clue as to where to get them, ive searched and searched but no luck, id like to fry some up at a family campout this year, if anyone can help me search, by the way raw pig skin will not fry up into pork rinds like we know them to be.
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    I'm guessing they're getting them from a Wholesaler for restaurants etc.
    If you know someone in the business maybe they can help.
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    i may end up asking the next street vender at a outdoor event where he gets his chips at.
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    In an episode of Dirty Jobs on Discovery channel, Mike Rowe made pork rinds. If memory serves, the rinds/chips are first rendered of most of the excess fat at a moderate temperature, removed, cooled, then fried at a high temperature.

    The first rendering is started with boiling water, to release the fat. The water is boiled off, leaving the lard and pork bits.

    Dirty Jobs Seson 4 Episode 5 - Skull Cleaner.... the cracklin' maker is in this episode.

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