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  1. So I purchased 2 Pork loin end roasts on sale and smoked 1 with very dry results. It is approx 3-5 lbs I cooked for about 7 hrs at 250. I had the meat wrapped in bacon like you would wrap a fattie. When I took it off the smoke and let it rest it was juicy, after resting for 30 Min's I sliced it up. I was very disappointed as it was initially juicy and impressive. However when i sat down with the family to enjoy this fantastic meal it was DRY! Now I want to smoke the second loin and would love nothing more than to avoid a dry meal. Is there a secret or maybe advise that can help me smoke this roast and keep my moisture? I have been told by those who I don't see as smoking pros that is not a smokable meat. I will do ANYTHING that will produce a moist roast. Thanks for all the advice you may be giving.
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    What temp did you cook the loin too? or did you just go by time?

    If its too temp you need to pull it no later than 160 internal temp. I have never had to do smoke a loin that long. You may of just over cooked it.

    Also are you sure you were cooking at 250? have you checked your thermometers for accuracy?
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  3. 7 hours at 250. Wow. No wonder it's dry.
  4. I cant say for sure what the internal was I never cook for time I always cook for internal. I smoked the loin over a month ago. My temp gages are correct I check them at the beginning of every month for accuracy.
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    Id venture to say you IT was over 170. Cook this one to 155-160 max IMO and let it rest for a good 30 minutes. I have never had one be dry at this internal temp. Doublecheck the thermometer also.
  6. internal 155 it is. What cooking temp is 250 to high or should i cook with lower temp?
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    I like to stay around 225 but 250 wont hurt it at all unless you forget about it or dont have alarms on your thermometer.
  8. Ok Thanks I do have alarms and they are loud. Tomorrow is round 2 appreciate the help
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    No problem. Let us know how it turns out.

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