Pork Shoulder Steaks Cured and Smoked Like Bacon?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by featherbone, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Hi all!, I've cured and smoked my own bacon several times and was thinking about trying something a little different.  I was thinking about slicing a pork shoulder into steaks and then dry brining them for several days, like I do bacon and then smoking them in my UDS for sandwiches etc.  __  Kind of a super bacon sandwich!

    Anyone ever try this idea or have suggestions to help me muttle through the process?  __ Thanks in advance and all comments welcome.

  2. In Missouri, we refer to them as pork steaks. Very popular in this area. You can do a lot with them. Season and grill. Rub and smoke. Cover with sauce. But you dont cook them to high temps like the entire shoulder would be cooked. Once they are 145-150, eat them!
  3. I have not tried brining them. Most people in my area go to the store, buy them, and cook them immediately. I hope this helps. Good luck and post a follow up on how it goes!
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    Yepper!  That's what we call the ones sliced and bought from  the store here, but I have never brined a pork butt either and smoked it.  Seems to me that it would take on a bacony flavor and texture, but I don't know. __ Might be an interesting experience!
  5. If it does, let me know! The pork steak is king here. Could always use a new trick to "one-up" everyone else around here! I have been told other parts of the country dont use or cut pork steaks and some dont even know what they are. I heard that from a guy I know who has worked in several different areas of the country and never had a pork steak until he came to Missouri. The thought of a "super bacon sandwich" as you put it sounds interesting!

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