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Discussion in 'Pork' started by daleg, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. daleg

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    Hi ,all thanks for the great site.I have a 10lb ,5lb and 4lb pork butt in progress,i put them in the smoker at 7am, at 7pm internal temp around 178,them the weather turned nasty so moved into oven at 240.2 hours later the temp is 180.which i assume is the stall.all three butts are the same temp.i thought that the stall was a lower temp.somebody tell me I'm worrying  for nothing. this is my second butt smoke and 6 th smoke overall so im not sure what im doing yet. 
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Butt stall usually happens between 150 and 170 but high stalls and even double stalls happen, I had a 8 pounder stall at 160 and again at 190. The smoker temp was 225 and it should have taken about 16 hours. At 20 hours I put it in the oven, foiled, at 300 and it hit 205 30 minutes later. Weird stuff happen all the time. You are fine...JJ
  3. daleg

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    It's quite a experience. Watching the temperature stay the same for hours. Mine stalled for four hours then finished in no time when it started. I finally have it out and pulled and it's great.
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    Well done!

  5. valleypoboy

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    I'd imagine the stall and how long it lasts will depend on the temp you're cooking at and how big the butt is.  I also find that bone in seems to stall for a shorter time.  Maybe the bone helps to radiate the heat through the center?  I prefer boneless butts though, because more surface area equals more bark.  

    You'll find your groove.  My butts seem to always stall around 165* to 170* and I try my best to pull them out when the butts hit 190ish because I like the meat to have a little pull to them.  Of course an accurate thermometer helps to, I've had to throw away 2 different ones over the years.
  6. daleg

    daleg Newbie

    .i've read about the stall ,but when you are sitting there watching the thermo it seems like a long time.once the temp started moving again it finished in no time.

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