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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ristau5741, May 7, 2014.

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    Been over wintering a coups of 9lb pork shoulders, since a sale last fall,  figured I'd best get them cooked before they go bad.  thawing in the fridge since monday night.  if they are defrosted enough by friday night,  I'm gonna rub 'em with my 18 hour rub, let 'em sit till saturday afternoon, when I'll start up the smoker,  smoke them for 6-8 hours, then get 'em inside, put them in the oven at 220 or 225 overnight.  hopefully they will be falling apart by morning.  my intent is that a friend of mine has a july 4ht party every year, and this year I want to cook up a batch of BBQ for the party. trying to get my timings and method down so I don't have to be up for 16 or so hours before the party starts, or be a few hours late because the BBQ wernt ready. I figure it should come out ok,   maybe I should rub one shoulder down with sriracha or chili garlic sauce :)
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    Sounds great, here's my suggestion. When you get ready to smoke on the 4th, smoke that on the 2/3rd of July or even the 28th the weekend before. Then for the party heat it up in a crock pot. That way you don't need to try and cook on the clock, you don't have to start early and stay up all night cooking, you are rested and ready to party on the 4th. If you want to burn some wood, do ABT's sausages, or pork shooters for finger food. I never trys a pig to be on time, no one ever taught a pig to tell time! They are always late when you most want to impress ...... So I cook ahead and then there is never a problem, pull add a bit of finishing sauce, and chill till I need it. Thaw it out and trow in the crock pot to warm, maybe a bowl of BBQ sauce on the side and its good to go.

    Besides I really like the flavors the finishing sauce brings to the party. Its almost like adding a bit of salt and pepper or some rub to marry into the meat. Its makes it taste sooooo much better.

    That's just my suggestion.

    There are some good finishing sauce recipes on the board one from SoFla and one from Chef JJ. Try it on your test cook and see what you think. Its not a real sauce, its not thick like BBQ, its just a little moisture with some great seasoning added and you only add a spoonful.

    Good luck and don't forget the Q-View, (take pictures).
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    here is the update, still have to get pictures off the camera

    Friday night I rubbed one shoulder with my homemade rub #1, and rubbed the other with Sambal Oelek ( Huy Fong's chili garlic sauce with Sriracha), stabbed it a few times with a knife and stuffed in about 12-18 small thai peppers, the little ones about the size of your fingernail). used about 1/3 bottle of the Sambal Oelek for the overnight flavoring process

    had a hard time the first 2-3 hours getting the temp steady, was ranging from 150 - 300, whether the fire was on it's way out or had too much wood thrown on.   ran out out cherry wood, moved to mesquite, ran out of that , and used almost a bag of hickory. after about 6 hours the temp was at 140. so I left it smoke and was at temp in another two hours,  never made it overnight to let it fall apart.

    the rubbed one came out good. typical, good bark, rub and smoke flavor, the other, came out with some nice heat, not overbearing, but with an excellent bark (think fried pork rinds with cooked on Sriracha), good smoke flavor, but missing the typical rub flavoring. the little thai peppers made "hot spots" throughout the shoulder, so if lucky, you get a bit of surprise in your BBQ.

    Both turned out well.
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    correction, wasn't the chili garlic sauce, Sambal Oelek,  was just the rough chopped sriracha with seeds
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    How did that turn out?
  6. ristau5741

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    as noted above, came out with some nice heat, not overbearing, but with an excellent bark

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