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Discussion in 'Pork' started by miked, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I'll be smoking my first pork shoulder and Im looking for a little advice.  The 9 1/2 lb shoulder came with the pork skin still on. Should I remove this before smoking, or leave it on?  Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. I would remove it. You'll get better smoke penetration and after all we smoke for the flavor that it adds so why inhibit it?

  3. Thats was my thought at first. But because of the 12-14 hour smoke I was thinking about keeping the meat moist. Thanks for your response!
  4. raptor700

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    I like to score the fat in 1" squares, and smoke fat side up.

    It helps keep the meat moist and makes a nice bark too.

    Hope this helps

    Don't forget the Qview[​IMG]
  5. I was assuming he was referring to a picnic with the skin on. I definitely wouldn't advise removing the fat. Fat side up does some nice self basting!

  6. terry colwell

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    I just got one ready for tomorrow, it had the skin on it also. I took the skin off.. I would leave fat but not that tuff skin. Mine is almost 12 pounds, will do a Q_veiw tomorrow
  7. rubemrightbbq

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    Always leave skin on just inject and put a healthy layer of rub on shoulder, have won 11 trophies last year by using this method, skin assures flavor plus moistness
  8. raptor700

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    I hear ya Stevo, When he said shoulder I thought fat on for sure.

    But your right about the picnic, you don't have far to go and you want all the smoke penetration you can get.
  9. smokinal

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    Don't forget the Q-view!
  10. Thanks to everyone for your helpful input!  Innthe end,skin was removed, fat left on, and brined overnight.  Now it will sit with the rub overnight again and I'll be up at 4am tomorrow to start the smoker. 
  11. Changed my Profile picture is my first pork shoulder.  And it tasted as great as it looks!   Thanks again for all the advice posted.

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