Pork Shots - Round 1

Discussion in 'Pork' started by justint1980, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I'm new to the forum, so I'm still learning the in's and out's of my MES30.  My first attempt at a pork butt left me suspicious of my MES's thermometers.  The IT hit 205 and I pulled the butt and wrapped it to settle, it never plateaued which made me a little suspicious.  When I went to pull it the butt was still somewhat raw in the center and I had to finish the butt in the oven(came out a little overly hammy but still delicious).  Because of that, I ordered an AMNPS and most importantly a Maverick ET-732. 

    I have suspended big/long smokes until I get my new toys!

    ...tonight I plan on taking my first shot at some ABT's and Pork Shots to be enjoyed with my pre-in-laws (Fiance's brothers mostly) on new years eve.

    How long do these usually take?  I had a hard time finding a rough time guestimate and because the sausage is precooked(I'm lazy/taking baby steps with the smoker) and any idiot can see when bacon is done I'm going to assume trying to track the IT is pretty stupid.

    From what I did read I think 3 hours or so is a good guestimate, am I right?

    *****PICS ADDED*****




    As you can see by the empty spots on the racks...  they were sampled as they came out... sampled ALOT!
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  2. solaryellow

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    No need to worry about monitoring IT since the sausage is precooked. It generally takes anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours using thin sliced bacon. It also depends on your filling too. If you are doing the typical brown sugar + spices 2 hours should be about right at 225*F. When the bacon is crisp or just about crisp and the brown sugar/spice mix has caramelized, they are done.
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  3. uhmgood

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    sounds like there is something wrong with the built in therm. i have a MES30 and my mavrick temp and the built in unit are about 15 degrees apart but you will figure that out once you cook something using both probes . as far as the hammy taste , did you buy the meat at kroger ? they inject it with some kind of salt solution , i had that problem once and will never buy any of their injected stuff again
  4. I got them at Sam's Club... the hammy taste was mostly from meat in the center which cooked after I split the butt open to find it raw so I'm guessing its because I finished it in the oven.  The great part about it is that Sam's Club sells butts in 2 packs so I have one pre-rubbed and in the freezer waiting for my AMNPS and ET-732 to get here!
  5. smokinal

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    Like solar said a couple of hours, but the key is to use the thinnest bacon you can find & it will get done in 2 hours at 225.
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    Now you definatly have to have a good and tested thermo measuring unit. You also need to test it with boioling water and make sur it's reading right.
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    Can you break it down for me please what and all goes into the filled pork shots .  
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    Hey Justin looks like they came out good. Are going to love the new toys when you get them.

    I would do the boil and ice test on your MES so you know how much it is off.

    Looks like the snacks came out great  

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