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    I was reading a few posts about this and just wanted a second opinion on my situation before I feed the majority of my family this meat lol.   I placed a 10.5Lb Pork shoulder/picnic roast on the smoker last night around 8 PM.  ST was sitting well around 225-230 from 8 until 1030PM, I then added a few more pieces of charcoal and wood before I went to bed.  At this point I had not probed the meat at all so unknown internal temp.  I woke up at 5 AM and noticed the ST was at 180.  I went to check the meat and the IT of the roast was 137.

    I read on a post here that since it was likely at 130+ for a few hours and since I still plan on getting it to almost 200 I should be ok as far as bacteria is concerned. however I would love someone to chime in on this situation just to be on the safe side.  In the mean time I have stoked the smoker back up to 225 and will continue smoking the meat.  

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    This is the thread I was reading at first which made me think it was probaly alright,

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    Safety says throw it out. Too long in the danger zone.
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    If it matters much that thermometers usually runs about 5-7 degrees on the cool side when tested in boiling water and against my quick read thermometers. 
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    The problem is that you don't know when it hit 140. You can be pretty sure that it was over 40 at 10:30 when you checked it last so if the temp dropped soon after it could have stayed in the danger zone for 6 hours. The idea that cooking meat makes it safe is false. 

    Did you inject it? If so, 100% throw it away. If you had not probbed or injected it than it might still be "safe". If it was me, I would throw it out. I have a toddler at the house so I don't take any risks with food poisoning. 
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    FTR, I've never taken a food safety course nor am I credentialed in any way. 

    That said, IF you didn't probe or didn't inject, then it's an intact piece of meat and the 40-140 rules really don't apply the same way.   Your smoker was at 225-230 which would have killed off external bacteria and in the morning it was still at 180 meaning that the exterior surface of the pork was in a 180 + degree environment the entire time.    I wouldn't bat an eye at finishing the cook and enjoying the results.  I definitely wouldn't throw it away.

    FWIW, there are many "safe" recipes that call for braising cuts like a butt at 180 degree temps for 20+ hours or more. 

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