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    This is just wrong...

    I hate teasing pics, but my daughter took off with my camera during the assembly!

    I started with 10 lbs of pork shoulder meticulously cut from the bone,ground and mixed... but this is all I have:


    Hanging in my new, cheapest possible, analog, Masterbuilt, no frills, $149, from Cabela's, get it quick !!!! smoker... it'll be modded, believe me!

    Notice the AMNPS at the bottom... it didn't work...stupid me, electric smoker, no air flow! The pellets (50% hickory - 50% oak) worked great in the Masterbuilt though..

    155ish for and hour, 165ish and smoke for an hour and 165 for 3 hours later...[​IMG]

    I felt so wrong doing the water bath...




    the bag didn't come off very well...and that one never met a fridge...

    That was the fastest I've ever seen 2 lbs of pork disappear!


    These are in the fridge blooming...

    I used a custom blend from a local Amish store, but I think this is the recipe:


    I added 4 ozs of molasses to it because the mix had it as an alternative.

    I will be doing a mod on this smoker so I can control the temps, but right now, my house smells like sugar glazed smoked Spam.

    That's the best way i can describe it for those of you that haven't had pork roll.

    Good pork roll... this is better than Taylors!
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  3. alblancher

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    Thanks for the Qview.   Looks good
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    When using a bag try to have small diameter bags. The cloth bags shouldnt be cold water bathed.  The cloth can hold the water and make the meat mushy and cause for some fairly rapid spoilage.

     After smoking let em bloom at room temp or right into the fridge.
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    Looks like a mennonite run store. Seen lots of them when we lived in Ephrata, Lancaster County
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    NEPAS, thanks for the advice on the cloth bags!

    I don't think it will last long enough to spoil!

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