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  1. Smoking spare ribs and a pork shoulder, which should I smoke first the reibs or the shoulder the ribs will be for dinner and the shoulder will be made into bq for a family member any thoughts.
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    If you have room on the grates, you can do both at once, same temps (225-240* or so). If you have limited space, do the ribs first, then start the shoulder when the ribs finish, but be ready for a long night with the shoulder...and don't try to rush it with too high of temps, just be patient. If you have digital therm with alarm, dial in your smoker and when everything is settled in with nice and stable chamber temps, grab a nap. I learned to sleep when I can on the all-nighters...I mean, we can try to live on smoked meats alone, but eventually the eyelid inspections will overpower your will to tend a rig....Ha-ha!

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    It really depends on your equipment. With my MES and AMNPS I can start the Butt first thing in the morning and go about my biz. Then 6 hours before Supper the Ribs go in. Enjoy my rib dinner and pull the Butt whenever it is done. You can't beat 10+hours of AMNPS induced Smoke and Set it and Forget it Electric...JJ
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    x2  the way to go.


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