Pork Ribs - Fried Red Taters - Green Beans

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lovethemeats, Sep 12, 2016.

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    So its been a few since I had the Mes fired up. Went with St Louis pork ribs. I usually do baby back but decided on these 2 slabs. Rubbed them up and into the fridge they went. I went a more 3-3-1 method instead.
    Pulled from foil and put the sauce to them puppies.
    Back in the smoker for a bit.
    Now the taters.
    At the end of taters I added in sauteed sweet onion and crumbled bacon.
    Grabbed the meat from the MES
    Dinner made and plated for me and my woman.
    Had extra sauce on the side if needed. None needed!
    Oh man they were good.
    One slab demolished

    The bone plate
    Now dinner for tomorrow.
    Next time for this the only thing I would change. cut back a little on the rub if I plan to put BBQ sauce on them. Other then that. It was a great dinner we had.
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    That's a point worthy meal for sure!

    Everything looks delicious!

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    Tasty looking plate of food!:drool

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