pork ribs country style

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  1. So my computer is acting weird or something. Smoked pork C.S. boneless ribs yesterday. I did a brine based off of JEFF'S recipe but I used ginger ale, apple juice and salt, Brined for 8 hours, and rubbed down with a safeway brand rub that I added brown sugar, mustard powder and g. garlic to. I had problems with my temp could only get up to 200-210 had a major temp stall so I pulled at 160 after 3:15 minutes and baked until IT of 185 about 45 minutes at high temp 425. Anyway they turned out awesome even though I could not duplicate parameters for this recipe. I served with corn D.F. zucc's and y squash and fresh watermelon, and I have these amazing drippins that would make awesome gravy ostock for something. Any advice much aprieciated . Sorry spell check MIA right now
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    Looks good to me.
  3. Thankyou kind sir, they tasted awesome

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