Pork ribbletts

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  1. I kinda like Applebee's ribbletts and so does my wife but when she seen that they had some a the local grocery store she brought some and I put them on my weber kettle indirect heat because I didn't want to do them on the wsm but here are the pictures from the cook[​IMG][/IMG]
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    very nice cant go wrong with those wings man as long as there not not burnt to jerky they are a hit,  a fav of mine at any party
  3. Those are not wings they are ribbletts
  4. Thoughs look great!
  5. I haven't seen those since moving from AL. Would love to get a hold os some
  6. I know that I'm new to the site but I will be smoking and making a lot more things because I like to be around people who enjoy smoking just as much as I do some people that don't know how to cook always ask why do you like smoking why does it take so long sometime in life you have to be patient about something I'm patient about cooking because that's my passion

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