Pork prices????

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    What's up with pork prices? At my local store butts were $3.59 a pound!!!!! They want about $30 for an average butt!!! I won't be doing much pork at THOSE prices! Any idea what's going on or when things will get back to normal? My smokin' days may be short at these prices....
  2. I knew beef prices were on the rise but not pork...... Paid $1.59 a LB in Louisiana the other day for butts..... But over $3.00 is crazy!!
  3.  I talked to a buddy of mine at a local butcher shop this morning and the current butt prices here are $2.69 a pound. He said that a disease has hit the swine industry and that all of the ones that would of been going to slaughter now were the ones effected. Therefore a shortage of slaughter hogs is whats causing the price increase.
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    Raleigh NC......................on sale now for 1.29 limit 2. 1.49 no limit. Just used my .99 raincheck from last years price at this time and was nice to walk out with 65 lbs of butts for 70 dollars...

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