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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokngun, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. smokngun

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    Over the last few weeks I have noticed the price on pork going up dramaticly. Early Feb the price of pork shoulder was $1.79lb today at the same store $3.19. After seeing a few people on this forum talk about it I did some research about a virus that has hit the swine industry. It may pay to stock up next time you see it on sale.

    Here is a USA Today news article http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/...irus-could-mean-spike-in-pork-prices/6472085/
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    That's funny, this VERY topic came up today in the restaurant.  One of our suppliers told us about the Chinese buying up a lot of pork farms throughout the country.  Doesn't surprise me and I am sure we wont see decent pork prices for a looooong time.
  3. rvial

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    yeah...PED has been running rampant hear. Just heard someone talking about a hog farmer they know losing a whole house of pigs. I hope that was an exaggeration!
  4. rvial

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    here not hear.
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    The price for loin back ribs at sams club was under $3 per pound at the first of the year. Last weekend I went and picked up a pack of 3 and paid nearly $4/lb.

    I did just see in an ad at Sprouts grocer that the have them on sale this weekend for $2.99/lb. better get it while the gettins good.

    A local butcher just said today that the price of beef is about to go waaaaay up in the very near future... What gives?
  6. My brother owns a butcher shop.  Beef is up because American supply is as low as it was in 1955.  Mostly due to drought.  Pork is up because the virus pigs have been getting (diahrea that has been killing piglets) has reduced herds by 10+%.  Thanks to America demanding cheaper prices and importing inferior/diseased animals this virus has came to America.
  7. smokngun

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    I wonder what the prices are through a distributor like Sysco, any caterer's or restaurant owners on here that could help with that answer?
  8. It is like gasoline pricing, if somebody can make a wave then the speculators create panic so they can make more profit! As for the drought, the California area hit by the drought is not known for its cattle production!
  9. The multi year drought in Texas and other parts of the Southern Plains is what has caused the beef shortage. Ranchers had to sell their breeding animals which can lead to shortages for several years.
  10. Pork Shoulders are 1.69 this week at our Shop Rite stores here in NJ
  11. There was a national bioconference near me this week where the virus was a hot topic. We are in the heart of confinement pork operations and it's killing entire litters and barns full of piglets less than a week old. The local JBS plant is going from years of overtime/6 days a week processing to four days. Buy pork now. Another month from now will be much higher.
  12. heatman

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    Just bought babybacks at kroger tonight $1.99 lbs. Only had 5 racks left. Bought them all.
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  13. noboundaries

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    Bummer all around.  Demand goes up in the warmer weather.  Shortages due to virus and drought.  Yep, going to be an expensive summer.  I usually buy 8-15 lbs of pork, beef, and/or chicken a week.  So far the chicken is still cheap!
  14. foamheart

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    Listen this happens all they time, There is always an excuse given so the prices can go up. Exxon in '73 did what they saw the sugar industry do in the late 60's to raise prices. Heck I am sure they all did it before that, I was just not interested. The ranchers go up and pass it on, the feed lots go up and pass it on, the processors go up and pass it one, the stores go up and pass it one. Everyone decides that if the meats going up I might as well get me some too. I have to or lose money.

    It will be this way all your life. I think about what my grand parents would have thought about buying Ice cream at 10.00 a half gallon or chicken for 8 or 9.00's apiece.

     I have bought .15 /gal gasoline...... no one ever bucks the prices anymore. No one ever bucks anything anymore but the special interest groups. We just fall into the crowd, there is nothing we can do, or we'll just go up on our wages to offset it, and the only person who wins is those getting a percentage. A percentage? Its called taxes! LOL... Pork goes up and the only one that makes more money is the government! And why not!

    Be a good citizen and buy more pork!
  15. rvial

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    Boston Butts at Food Lion when I went today was 3.89/lb. Ouch!
  16. noboundaries

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    Baby Backs and Boston butts, both boneless and bone in, were $2.99/lb this weekend at my local grocer.  I picked up three racks of BB's and two of the boneless butts that were 4.5 lbs each.  Why pay for the bone?  Smoked 'em all today.
  17. Butts at HyVee are $3.89 too! Not long ago we paid $0.99
  18. ibbones

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    For a two pack in South Texas is $2.49 at Sams.  What happened to the dollar a pound I used to pay?
  19. Pork prices going crazy... just a pound (name brand like Jimmy Dean) of sausage is almost $4 now. Thankfully... I can get cheap pork sausage for $.99/lb at piggly wiggly still.

    Butts are "on sale" for $1.99 instead of the usual $.99

    Pork loins.. $2.99 instead of $1.59-1.99.

    I thought beef was going nuts.. and it is too.. over $3 "on sale" when it used to be $1.89 for 73%.

    Heck. even leg quarters are over $.59/# when sale price could easily be had for $.29 or even lower a lot of times.

    All this in just a few short weeks and months.

    Guess they taking the same approach as oil.. make crap up to justify cost increases. Soon..we'll all be vegetarians growing our own food as that's all we will be able to afford.
  20. waterinholebrew

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    I guess I feel lucky, my cousin raises about a dozen a year and we get one each year, great tasting stuff.... Still buy a little bit here and there at the market if there's a great sale, but sounds like that's not happening in the near future ! Seems prices only have one direction now days ! ^^^^^ UP ^^^^^^ !!

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