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Discussion in 'Pork' started by micker, May 25, 2009.

  1. micker

    micker Fire Starter

    I'm going to be documenting my memorial day smoke here as I go.

    Starting with a pork butt that I brined for 12 hours and then let rest for about 6 and gave it a good rub with my butt rub at about 10 pm last night.


    I put a fan on it to dry the surface out while the smoker heats up, but it looks like its about time to go meat the smoke.

    I've got about 15 minutes for some coffee and a cig and then I need to get the chicken out of the brine and get some rub on that.

    Now I just need to get my phone to take smaller pics so I don't have to photoshop them before uploading... More pics in a bit.
  2. micker

    micker Fire Starter

    Just got the chicken out of the brine and gave that a good rub down.


    I havent smoked a chicken before so this will be a bit of a trial by fire today. I brined it in 1/2 gal water, 1/2 cup salt, 1 lemon, thyme, chili powder.

    I rubbed it with paprika, cumin, red pepper flakes, chili powder and pepper. As it was in the brine all night I didnt want to add any salt.

    Now, having never smoked a chicken before I'm hoping for some suggestions on time and temp. Based on the posts I've been reading here I'm planning on putting it in the smoker around 11:30am to eat between 3 and 4pm today.

    11:30am is a couple hours away, so if I'm screwing that up, speak up and let me know!
  3. wmarkw

    wmarkw Smoking Fanatic

    Well I'm assuming your smoking at 225 or so for the pork. Most people smoke their chickens around 250-300 in order to crisp up the skin. But you can certainly smoke the bird at 225 and what I do is when the temp hits about 160ish I will transfer the chickent to the gas grill and crisp it up a bit a make sure it hits the proper temp. You will get a juicy bird for sure and it will take about 3 to 4 hours. Have fun!
  4. micker

    micker Fire Starter

    I was thinking of doing something like that. One of my ideas was to pull the butt after I foil it and throw it in the oven to finish, that way I have room in the smoker for the corn, poblano's and chicken, in which case I'll turn the heat up to 300 in the smoker.

    I'm worried that if I try to cram a pork butt, a whole fryer, 10 ears of corn and 10 stuffed poblano's into a short block GOSM Iwont have any room for the smoke to move through, and just slow down the cooking process for everything.
  5. wmarkw

    wmarkw Smoking Fanatic

    You could go the oven route too after you hit 165. Thats what I do. Your smoker should be fine handling all that food. Just monitor the temps!!
  6. micker

    micker Fire Starter

    Just made up some spray mop sauce.

    No measurements, just eyeballed everything.

    Cider Vin
    Chili Powder
    Garlic Powder

    boiled for about ten minutes, threw some ice in it. Strained it and poured it into my spray bottle.
  7. rivet

    rivet Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    So far. so good Micker. Sounds like you have a good plan.

    A couple weekends ago I was in the same boat and had the smoker at 250 F.

    I put the bird in for an hour with the butt (burning hickory) got a nice bunch of smoke on it then xferred it to the oven to roast. It was excellent. You may want to consider that option. Don't worry about the smoke, it will have plenty of smoke flavor. Here's the bird into the smoker with the butt halfway-

    After on hour, it went into the oven at 375F. Here's when it came out-

    One of the best smoked chickens I've made. Good luck to you no matter what route you go!
  8. jjrokkett

    jjrokkett Meat Mopper

    Looks great Micker!
  9. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thats a good looking dinner plate in the making there. That chicken looks good but why did you take it out of the smoker? I always cook mine all the way in the smoker and they are usually come really moist. Just wondering? You have been here alot longer then me so i'm picking your brain

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