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  1. Did a 1.2kg pork loin today. Was done sooner than expected, target was 170f, it hit 190f by the time i noticed about 1.5 hours later, held the temps at about 250 on the lid of the akorn. Not sure where I put our second thermometer so can get grill temps, should probably dig out our laser.


    Cumin mint rub. Served with spiced gooseberry jam, creamed corn and mixed green veggies.
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    It had to be dry at 190!

    I pull mine off at 140, rest for 1/2 hour & the carryover gets it to 145.

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  3. a little dry,the spiced goose berry helped
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    Looks good enough to eat!

    Your laser will only read surface temps, not IT.
  5. I know, the idea is to get a temperature of the grill, have a probe for the meat.
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    I use a small block of wood with a hole the size of the probe that holds it about an inch off the grates for cc temp. Lots of folks just stick the probe through a potato to hold it..
  7. Some electronic thermometers come with a clip for the ambient probe holding it in air above the grate. I like the wood block idea, though. Toss it in there and you're ready to go.
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    Try 140 to 145 IT next time.  Will be much juicier.
  9. I've done 2 loins in the past 2 weeks and both came off at 145-147 IT....perfect both times, juicy and tender

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