Pork Loin with Jalapeno baked beans

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  1. Greetings fellow smokers anbd Happy Labor day! The flag will be proudly flying today and the Weber smoker will be going. Two of my favorites today, pork loin and Jalapeno baked beans. Was going to try something different today and need some feedback. I would normally smoke both items on the top rack and bringing the pork loin to an internal temp of 142-145 and then wrap and rest for about an hour. The beans would stay on until I sliced the pork loin.

    To try and kick up the flavor some, I was thinking about cooking the pork loin on the top rack and the beans below to catch the drippings. I did trim most of the fat cap but did leave a little bit for flavor. I injected with some apple sauce, apple juice and a bit of apple cider vinegar. So long as the beans are up to temp, will the drippinmgs pose any issue?

    Happy Holiday from Buffalo New York,

  2. I did this Saturday with an 8# loin. Put the beans under the loin for the entire smoke and virtually everyone agreed they had never tasted bbq beans quite like that. I used the 7# can of Bush's and they were gone before the loin.
  3. Hi Ric, did you bring the beans up to 160 while the pork loin rested?
  4. I actually pulled the beans, put them in a pot and simmered while the loin rested...You don't have to do that, you could crank up the temp of the smoker while the loin rests, but the sauce is very thin with all the drippings. I like a thicker sauce, and, cooking-it-down concentrates the flavor.
  5. That's a geat idea. I'll put them on the grill to reduce the sauce while the loin rests. Enjoy the day off!
  6. Just an update my my cook today. The porkloin was well trimmed leaving just a bit of fat cap and weighed in at 3.75 lbs. I injected 3/4 cup of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and 2 tblsp brown sugar. It was liberally rubbed with a garlic pepper blend I have been toying with. I smoked at 245 Deg over to an internal temp of 146 degrees on my WSM 22.5. I dbl wrapped in foil with some juices, wrapped in an old towel and held in a cooler.

    For the beans, I used 1/2 of a #10 can of bushes baked beans, 2 Jalapenos sliced with seeds, 1/2 cup dark molasses, 1 med onion, salt, pepper, 1/2 cup catchup, 1/4 cup mustard. I left the beans on the smoker and took the temp up to 275 to render and get all the flavor into the sauce. 

    The pork loin came out very moist and juicy with a nice pepper and smoke flavor. The smoked beans were very flavorful and spicy with a back end bite.  There were scant leftovers. My neighbors kids devoured the porkloin thinking it was turkey and didn't even bother with a roll, sort of a pork in hand day Lol! I wonder if I can use the same technique on a whole pork loin and get the same results or is making 1/2 better? Any one have thoughts?

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