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    To All

    Thank you for posting all the great info on smoked pork loins (boneless)

    Made 2 yesterday in my MES 30 (Bass Pro Shops).   Did not weigh them but it was one loin that I cut into 15" loafs.

    Never thought about wrapping in bacon until I found this site. 

    Set smoker for 225F

    loaded wood chips (tried peach wood)

    And in 2 hrs they hit 143 (my temp mark)

    Wrapped in foil and let set for about 3 hrs (time I had until company came over)

    They were THE BEST pork loins I have ever had.  Extremely juicy,

    I have been lurking and reading posts on salmon, ribs, shoulder, beef brisket etc.  What a wealth of info

    Do not have pics but here was my procedure

    Day prior

    Rubbed both loins with yellow mustard then added a thin rub of Chicago Steak Seasoning plus my cobbled together rub of

      3 parts Lawry's season salt

      1 part garlic powder

      1 part brown sugar

       dash or two of paprika

       dash or two of cajun seasoning

    Added thin rub and left sit overnight

    Day of

    Set smoker to 225

    Added two loads of peach chips (dry)

    Wrapped pork loins in bacon (used 1 lb total [0.5 lb for both])

    Added meat to smoker

    Added 1/2 bottle of light beer to water pan 1hr after turning unit on

    Used new digital temp probe and cooked until probe read 143F

    Flavor was amazaing, having leftovers today (one day after)

    THANK YOU ALL for the info. 

    My equipment is a new MES 30" smoker with stand I got from Bass Pro Shops.

    I modified the stand and added rubber castors/wheels so I can roll it around.  It is a bit top heavy when you roll it but beats lifting the thing and carrying it around
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    Loins are so white and lean that they are easy to mess up.  Smoking them gives you a bit of room for error.

    And, like you said, they turn out great!

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