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Discussion in 'Pork' started by papa7326, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. I need Help. What temp should I pull my Pork off the Smoker at?PLEASE HELP!!
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  3. Thanks. I'm gonna pull at 160 wrap in tinfoil. Then place in my oven ( oven off ) too rest. I figured 12 - 14 hrs. 4 hr I'm at 150 w/ 7 pounders
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    All you need is 145 for pork loin. 160 it will start to dry out.
  5. Well I pulled them at 160 deg. It took only 7 hr. everyone on here said 2hr per lb. mine took 7hr at 225-250. I'll post picks when we slice it later
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    Pork loin & any other piece of solid Pork is done & safe to eat at 145*.

    Taking it to 160* could make it too dry.

    Anything you find in a search previous to May 2011 will say to take it to 160*, because that was the old USDA rule.

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  7. markyque

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    I wouldn't go past 150...you'll have carry over.  Loin is lean and will dry out.
  8. It's good.
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    that's one heck of a bark you have on that loin...what type of rub sauce did you use?  must of had a fairly high sugar content...looks good thou
  10. The run was the wife's creation. Raw sugar & a rub w/ brown sugar & spices. Y'all sure help my cookin
  11. Rub not run

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