Pork loin roast / Chicken breast / Elk roast all with Tatonka dust.

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  1. The three are going to go into my smoker here on Saturday all with have Tatonka dust on them too. 

    The pork loin roast will be pulled pork in the end, chicken will be for fajitas and the elk roast will be pulled also.

    I will be making a home made raspberry BBQ sauce to go with the pulled pork and elk roast.  Should be good, the only bad thing will be a major snow storm hitting Colorado and the high won't be very warm.

    I'll put the chicken and elk up soon.



    Friday night put Tatonka dust on Chicken and Elk roast


    Saturday morning

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  2. foamheart

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    I'm in!

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Sounds good. I've never had much luck getting a pork loin or pork loin roast to pull well. Typically dries out too much by the time it gets to a pulling stage.
  4. All of the goodies are on the smoker.
  5. flash

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    Chicken should really be on bottom. Agree on the Loin, really not alot of internal fat.
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  6. mossymo

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    Is it done yet? Anxiously awaiting how this turned out!
  7. Ok sorry for the delay had to go to my Nephews hockey game!!

    Chicken nice and juicy, we did this for dinner.  Made chicken tacos.

    Next the Elk roast.

    Look at the nice smoke ring......all I can say is WOW what a flavor this has!!!!!!!!!!

    Then on to the pork!!

    Off the smoker and on the oven to finish it off at about 203 degrees. (Because it F*@ken cold out and I don't want to waste too many pellets.)

    Out of the oven and looking great!

    Look at the smoke ring!

    Here's the home made Raspberry BBQ sauce, it goes really good with pork and the Elk roast too!

    I agree with others that pork loin isn't the best for this but if you put a little bit of apple juice in with it on in a pan it keeps it juicier and dump those in the crock pot after the pull it comes out very juicy!

    All in all everything came out great, my wife and I are very happy and stuffed!! LOL

  8. The pork is for the Super Bowl, GO BRONCOS!!!


  9. Breakfast on Sunday, good stuff!!

  10. So for the chicken , is this because if it drips on other meat?
  11. flash

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    Yes, supposedly a bacterial issue. I do it just to better be safe than sorry.
  12. Looks like everything came out fantastic but not sure I could sacrifice an elk roast to pull!
  13. Yeah I could see that, I'll do it different the next time.  Thanks!!
    The more I thought about it I couldn't do it either, as you could see I sliced it and it was tender and juicy.


    I like cooking a bunch of things together, more choices after the cook and more to put in the freezer.

    Thanks all your comments,  Michael

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