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  1. I am going to do a pork loin for the supper bowl. I was just wondering what temp to cook it at and also what internal temp to bring it to. I have been looking at alot of the post and everyone has different opinions on what to do. Im just going to put a rub on it in a few hours and let it set till tommrow. Its about 3 pounds about how long should it take also. Thanks alot guys.
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    I cook my loins between 225 and 250. I pan mine up and cover them after about ninety minutes to ensure they don't dry out, but still have a nice smoke flavor. My wife is paranoid about "raw" meat, so mine go all the way to 170 before bringing them off to rest. Anything from 150 on up really suits my desires.

    Hope it turns out well for you.
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    You may use the intact muscle rule and apply this chart if you don't pierce the meat with a temp probe prior to the outside going over 140F for 12 minutes, or 140F for 30 minutes to make sure of 1/2 inch penetration. Sterilize the probe and insert after time temp duration above.

    Then cook and hold to time temp duration below depending on where you want it to end up. I find pork loin is best pulled at about 155 F or so and allowed to rest 15 minutes tented in foil so it rises through about 162 F.

    Whole Roasts

    # (beef,pork, ham, corned beef,lamb, venison, bison)

    Minimum Internal Temp


    °F)Holding Time* at Specified Temperature

    130 121 minutes
    132 77 minutes
    134 47 minutes
    136 32 minutes
    138 19 minutes
    140 12 minutes
    142 8 minutes
    144 5 minutes
    145 3 minutes

    Above 145F you are good at any temp after 15 seconds at the temp.
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    I have a rack of Pork on the smoker right now. I will leave in the smoker to 155 then foil and put in the cooler for at least an hour before serving. They don't dry out this way and I have even left them in the cooler for as long as 3 hours. they will still be hot and moist this way.
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    145 to 150º tops, then wrap in foil for 1 hour. [​IMG]

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