Pork Loin (first qview)

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    OK. I just bought the smart phone my daughter insisted that I needed. Other than taking videos of my dog I haven't used it for anything my old phone couldn't do. 

    I always buy pork loins when they're on sale at Kroger (about twice a month). I always hated pork until I got my smoker. I got this loin for $6.39 and it'll feed me for at least 5 days. I still have some left in my freezer from the last one I cooked.

    I've smoked between 6-8 pork loins since I got my smoker and I've always received compliments on how juicy and delicious they were. I've wrapped half of them in bacon and smoked the rest without bacon, IMO they've all been good.

    I usually cook to an IT of 150-155 (I know some like it pink, I don't), wrap in foil for 30 minutes, and slice.

    I just want to say that I appreciate the forum members sharing their experiences here because I've learned a ton. Hell, I smoked a brisket last weekend ( I was terrified) and it turned out just as awesome as the brisket I ate in Texas.

    So here goes:

    The rub: I usually use a rub I bought but this time I just winged it. It was EVOO, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, paprika, ancho chile pepper, and cayenne pepper.

    Into the smoker:

    My smoker:

    And finally, Dozer:

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  3. Looks Great   Nice Job


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