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  1. I was going through the freezer trying to find something to smoke. I found a couple of roast but I was not feeling patient enough to let them thaw for 24 hours. So that night at the grocery store I found some Pork Loin Chunks for $1.68 a pound. I kind of felt like a kid going up to my wife asking "Can I buy this?" I even gave her my biggest puppy eyes. She laughed. 

    I used a simple brine for 2 hours.

    1 Gallon water

    1 c sugar

    1 c salt

    2 cloves garlic, smashed

    1/2 tsp allspice


    1/2 c RAW sugar

    2 Tbs paprika

    1 tsp cayenne

    1 Tbs Gran Garlic

    1 Tbs Gran Onion

    1 tsp black pepper

    1 tsp Allspice

    1 Tbs Poultry Season.

    Both the Brine and the rub are modifications from awesome people on this site.

    (I took out some of the cajun spices. I do not like a lot of heat.)

    Here it is with the rub and the tag. Not bad for just over 6 bucks.

    Here is what they looked like done.

    I was surprised because I stuck them in at 225 with some apple wood for smoke. I went to a church meeting and they were done in like 1.25 hours. Way faster than I was expecting. 149 IT by the time I got home. Took them out, let them rest for an hour and then could not stay out of it. Very pleased. 
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    looks great!!! tenderloins normally don't take very long to smoke and get to temp...
  3. Looks good man  [​IMG]   Nice job  [​IMG]   I like loins - they are quick, easy & taste mighty good when smoked  [​IMG]
  4. I am planning to do this again in Sept. for my men's church group and their wives. The local grocery store can get me the chunks for pretty inexpensive. We will be providing the meat and each couple brings a salad or a treat. I have been debating to cut them into about 8oz chunks before cooking and just put one on each plate or cook them as they are in the package and then give each person as many slices as they desire. 


    Also going to have a plum sauce my mom canned a few years ago on the side or some BBQ sauce on the side. Any other recommended flavors or sauces for on the side? Not that the meat needs more flavor. It was delicious. Just to give options.
  5. Well, the church group turned out great. We planned for about 30-40. Bought 22# of chunks. Then 4# more for my family. I did alter the brine a little. I added a frozen apple-cherry juice concentrate to the mix. Also did the brine for about 6 hours due to family issues. Just had to let it sit. I think it helped. Will do it more that way in the future.

    Same rub.

    Same temps.

    Same chips. Apple.

    Time was a big factor. When I did my first and second batch, it only took about 90 minutes. This time, I had all 4 racks loaded so it took about 3 hours. I also sprayed it with apple juice concentrate every 25 min. 


    I had enough to feed about 36 people. 16 showed up for dinner. I had several packages that I gave away to friends and other people that could use it.

    Also, it was much better this time. The second batch I did not do a brine. Too smoky flavored. This was more sweet with the apple juice spritz and the brine. Much better BBQ flavor. My kids pounded their 4#s in about 15 minutes.

    The hardest part was finding enough space in the fridge to let it sit after the rub. The brine, I stuck all the meat in a garbage bag and then added the brine and ice and left in the cooler for the night. 


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