Pork Fat to Venison

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  1. I usually cut up a pork butt to mix with my venison but have access to some pork fat.  With the sudden rise in the price of pork butts over the past few months I will gladly use it. What ration of pork fat to venison would you use?  I was thinking 7lbs of venison to 3 lbs of pork fat.  What say you?

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    I have been stock piling any pork fat in the freezer from my trimmings for this reason. With deer season right around the corner.. I usually have my pops quarter up a couple of deers and Ill grind and butcher myself. ill probably go more 80/20 since the fat I have is ALL fat... but I will be trying in small samples first and pan frying to see before I mix up a bigger batch.
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    A lot depends on what kind of sausage you are going to make.  Try finding a wholesaler in your area for butts by the case or a Costco or Sam's club.  I'm still able to buy butts by the case here for under 1.40 a pound.  Pork fat is hard to come by since most pork comes trimmed to most stores.  Another thing to ask your butcher is if they can order you boneless picnic which is usualy 50/50 normaly. Reinhard
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    ....................................................... That will work

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