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Discussion in 'Pork' started by neill b, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. neill b

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    Need help!! I want to bake my pork country ribs for about an hour an half to two hours before I put them on the the Weber kettle to smoke them for an additional hour an a Hal to two hours.. What temp should I have the oven set at?? Any suggestions??
  2. neill b

    neill b Newbie

    I applied my dry rub early this morning and dont plan to bake them for a few hours yet.. I will be using apple wood when I smoke them.. The last time I only smoked them without baking first. They took about 2 hours.. The ribs were very good an juicy but a bit too chewy that's why I wanted to try an bake them for a while first this time around.. Plz any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
  3. b-one

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    I think you should just cook them longer on the kettle. You could always wrap them in foil if needed. If putting them in your oven use the same temp you would the kettle. Don't forget some q-view!!!
  4. I smoke mine for 2 hours and then braise them till done. I use a covered roasting pan, you can achieve the same thing using foil. I apply a butter based mop at the start of the braising process. For braising liquid I use apple juice. I take mine to 205 degrees for fall apart tender. 195 is almost as tender. I tend to get a chewy result if I pull at say 185. I like to braise because they can dry out if left in the smoker till they reach 205.

    Smoking them for 2 hours and then moving to the oven would have the same effect. I think you'll get  better smokey flavor, smoke ring etc. by starting in the smoker.
  5. neill b

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    Sorry no q view this time around and you were right definitely going to just smoke them longer next time.. I used the oven first an it dried them out even after only an hour and a half at 225 so I just left them in the foil pan then smoked them that way for only about 45 mins.. Was a complete failure but definitely learned that smoking longer an cutting out the oven idea is the key.. We live an we learn.. Maybe I will get it next time around.. I'm new to this but I will definitely include q view with my next smoking experience.. Thanks for your reply
  6. This is a great place to learn. When ever I try something new I research it here using the search bar, speeds up the learning curve considerably.

    I do country ribs more than any other cut, I like the quick cook time usually 3 to 3.5 hrs.
  7. Sup Neill B?!
    The last time we did country ribs we;
    *Coated them with Heff's dry rub then smoked with apple wood for 3 hrs on the Weber Kettle,
    *place in foiled covered pan and braised in apple juice mixed with BBQ sauce for 1.5hrs (we did this part in the oven),
    *then finished on the Weber, charcoals off set, for 1 hour. During this last step we brushed them with more bbq sauce.
    This was a long cook but they turned out awesome.

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