Pork butts. And new toy Maverick ET-733

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jamesoh79, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Came back from the bar and a friends bonfire party. And started up the smoker. I got 3 big butts. Two are 9# and the other one is 11#. My friend had her first baby 3 weeks ago. And I promised her pulled pork.
    Went for a really basic rub as some other members suggested. Brown sugar kosher salt black pepper paprika garlic and onion powder and some chili and chayenne powder. About 5 hours in. Started at 3am.

    Testing out the Maverick ET-733. So far I really like the device. A little difficult to figure out at first. The instructions are not exactly user friendly. I couldn't get the probe temp to show up on the main receiver at first. But finally figured out how to sync the 2 devices.
    I'm gonna wait until butts hit 165. Wrap in foil with beer and throw in oven. So I can get some sleep. I'll let you know how they turn out.

    Also my pups Berrin and Mocha say hello!
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    I have the same thermometer and agree. Its a great thermometer but it is a little tricky to use. I feel as if it needs a few more buttons to make menu selection easyier and the light dosnt stay on long enough for me.
  3. Yeah. Also the probe devices battery compartment is extremely difficult to open. It has 2 very tiny screws. I got one out relatively easy. The other one I basically stripped just trying to remove.
    It's nice to monitor the butts without constantly opening the door to check temp. Instructions say it's water proof. We shall see when the first rain comes when I'm bbqing.
  4. So far. The Maverick probe seems like a good investment. Best pulled pork I've done so far. Nice to know the exact temperature.

    Took about 6.5 hrs to get to 165. Great bark formation by then. Triple wrapped each one with a can of good beer. And finished in the oven at 250. And took a nap. Was up for about 30 hrs at this point. Long fun weekend.

    Waited for an internal temp of 205 which I like best. Like my pulled pork very tender. Rested for an hr. And shredded. I always add kosher salt black pepper and a hot sauce at this point.

    Took 2 of the pulled butts to my friend Erin and her family. She just had a baby. And made 2 mini pulled pork sliders. With hand cut spicy horseradish coleslaw.

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