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  1. So its time to brake in the new cold smoker attachment tomorrow with a nice big BUTT!. I will need some advice although iv done pulled pork umpteen times this will be my first on the MES, when i do them on my keg i have adapted to "hot and fast"(300* ish) they turn out beautiful! long are the days of a 12hr butt cook. anyways if i set the MES to 275* for i'm hoping for 7hrs give or take for the same results as my charcoal. Has anyone or does anyone do there butts like this?
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    I always figure about 2 hours a pound, allowing time for a stall, at 250. Keep an eye on the new MES......Willie
  3. Here is my update! yesterday I got a 9.7lb butt in witch i rubbed as far as hot and fast that did not work for me as i had it set to 275 but it never reached that temp for any given time through the whole cook looks like it settled at about 250ish. That being said besides it taking longer then i projected it turned out great! here is some q view.

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    Delicious looking pulled pork...nice going! Thumbs Up

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    Pulled pork looks pretty good!!
  6. it was delicious! 
  7. Am I reading this right? You cold smoked a Pork Butt?  [​IMG]    Maybe I am reading it wrong?
  8. Lol no I used the masterbuilt cold smoker attachment for smoke the mes did the cooking :grilling_smilie:
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    Setting the mes at 275 max may only get you to 230, 240 or so. I would verify the temp with a maverick or other therm. There are stories all over the forums about mes gen 2 models with controllers that are 40 or even 50 degrees off. Personally, for large pieces of meat I'd use the keg.
  10. Oh i was using the Maverick thats how i knew it wasn't reaching temp that i requested. To be perfectly honest besides the fact it took longer than i anticipated it turned out great no regrets. The MES cooked it perfectly it was juicy. I love my Kamado bbq's but i like the MES more so now the the cold smoker attachment.
  11. Ok good....Ii'm not losing my mind!!!   Well maybe just a bit [​IMG]
  12. well i think we're  all losing it a little.. at least thats what my wife keeps telling me?! lol
  13. Hi! I'm planning on smoking a pork butt this weekend. About how long did it take to cook? And, what internal temp did you take it to?

  14. Hi good luck this weekend!  it took around 8hrs roughly. I took it to 200* internal that is the magic # for pulling.
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  15. I smoked a 6 lb. butt @250 degrees in an aluminum pan, with a water ,vinegar, and apple juice mixture in the bottom of the pan. Just enough to cover the bottom, smoke 3 hrs. uncovered spritzing lightly with apple juice every 25 mins. The water in the pan ,mixes with the pork juices, and keeps the apple juice from burning. After 3 hrs. I cover the pan with foil and cook another 4-5 hrs. with an internal temp probe in the butt.I remove the pan from the grill when the internal temp gets to 195 degrees'. I made a glaze from 1/2 jar of apple jelly,  you can thicken the glaze by using more apple jelly,1/2 cup of light kayro syrup, and 1/2 cup of "Blues Hog Tennessee Red" sauce. The mixture has to be blended  together and mopped on to the butt. I then place it back in the grill without the foil cover ,close off  the air openings and let it rest and glaze at the same time. Once the internal temp gets to 195+ it will render the fat to liquid. You can order on their site @Blues Hog BBQ .com . I then pull the butt apart and pour some of the hot juices over the shredded pile .Im going to the store and buy a shoulder right now!!!!! If you want a really dark bark on the pork, apply the glaze a little sooner ,maybe when the internal temp reaches 190 degrees................................. Happy 4th of July to all God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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