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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinmatt, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Here's a picture of our first attempt at smoking a pork butt, is the bark suppose to be this dark? Inside is absolutely delicious!

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    That butt looks great! Nice job! Lots of people, me included, like a dark, heavy bark on a butt...after you pull it, that bark adds a great flavor to the PP. How did it taste? It's really about preference...if you didn't care for such a heavy bark, you can lighten the amount of bark you get next time by foiling the butt once it reaches an internal temp of about 160*. It's good to splash a little liquid, like apple juice, on the butt when you foil it, then continue to cook until it reaches 200-205*.

    Best advice is to try a few different methods and decide which you prefer.

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    I am not the bark expert but we were discussing it earlier tonight. I think the black bark comes from a higher temp possibly but mostly for the use of sugar in your rub. When I do a salt pepper onion garlic rub, in the reefer over night, then just before going in the smoker a very light, light brown sugar rub, mine are not as dark. The sugar is to encapsulate the meat sort of like and big M&M. Keeps juices in and gives pork that nice sweetness. Now when I have done a heavy store bought rub normally they have a load of sugar then my but gets really dark.

    Either way I don't think I have had bad bark as long as it wasn't over smoked.

    BTW that's a beautiful smoke ring on that butt! Well done!

    Heres the difference,

    Light Sugar, no foil

    Heavy Sugar, foiled

    I am assuming that the foiling only effects the density of the bark, usually the foiling process gives a softer my pliable bark where the unfoiled is a bit dryer.

    Again I am no expert, these are just my observations.

    But either way it looks like a delicious butt you've made! Its a perfect M&M! soft and chewy, melt in your mouth inside with a tastee candy coating! Excellent!
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    Did it taste good? If so it's not to dark. Looks awesome!
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    For what it's worth, I think that's a nice, very nice smoke !! Thumbs Up That bark is awesome and will be very good when combined with the rest of the moist innards.... If I were you, I would be damn proud of that smoke and again, that bark, :drool. Damn fine !!
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    I hate when my bark doesn't look like that!  Excellent job!
  8. Tasted great! The best thing is first night we had "street tacos" with it, next is pulled pork sandwiches and if any is left we will move on to enchiladas. Same meat, different sauce, three different meals. Going to try a non-suger rub next time and see what happens. Definately making our own rub to cut way back on salt. The "best" or "worst" part about this whole smoking thing is I'm always thinking about what's cooking next? :grilling_smilie:

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