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  1. The bark on my pork butt had plenty of flavor (smoke and seasoning)! But the inside lacked flavor. What can I do to change that?
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    You may try injecting it. Some use Sour Orange, mojo crillio or something I want to try, Teriyaki.
  4. I like to brine a pork butt prior to rubbing and smoking it. 
  5. Sorry didn't mean to reply to you here. I'm soooo computer/I-phone illiterate. But since I am here, I do brine my pork butt before I rub and smoke it. What I do is, brine in bottled water(spring) with molasses, and pickling salt for about 24 hours before I apply rub.
    I have, and still do, ask what can I do to make it better. A buddy of mine who, when he has 'get togethers' tells me not to change a thing. He is one who goes out and gets pulled pork from a local 'smoke- house' we have nearby.
    Try it out, but don't use too much salt. First time I did it, it was way too salty - the whole way through.
    Recipe calls for:
    8 ounces molasses (I used 3/4 cup)
    12 ozs. pickling salt (I used 1.5 cups) - pretty salty this way (you could cut back some - up to you though on how salty you want it)
    2 quarts bottled water (again I used 8 cups)
    This works good for brine with a 6 to 8 lb. butt.
    P.S. this has some of the salt cut back already
    I guess you can use whatever rub you got with this.
    I'm not going to take credit for brine, found it on Internet
    Good luck!!🐖

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