Pork Butt was a little fatty

Discussion in 'Pork' started by nickthebeast, May 13, 2014.

  1. nickthebeast

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    So I smoked a 6.13 lb pork butt on Saturday. I was cooking on a char griller with a SFB. I was coming around 250 to 275 for a little over six hours. I did an injection for the first time. Came out great. I wrapped after 3 he's and 45 min. It stalled at 164 for over one hr. After the stall I cooked to 194 internal temp. Took off and let stream out. Re wrapped and put in cooler for over an hr. Then pulled meat and it was so dam good. However, I did notice there was some unrendard fat. Was the butt just fatty or do I need to cook longer at a lower temp to rendar the fat out of the middle of the pork?
  2. noboundaries

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    That's normal.  I did two shoulders hot 'n fast last week, taken to 205F IT.  When I pulled the meat apart it still had some unrendered fat in it.  I just discard it, plus any of the stringy stuff that is usually attached to it.      
  3. nickthebeast

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  4. yotzee

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    The inside of a pork shoulder aint pretty. Full of fat and connective tissue. Thats the part that never made it to the plate. I usually keep a bag on the counter when I pull a butt to toss all that stuff into.
  5. nickthebeast

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    Ok sounds good. That is what I did. It was my best butt to date and wanted see if there was something I could do to eliminate that fat in the center of the butt.
  6. daveomak

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    Fat is flavor..... If you eliminate it, the meat will taste like sawdust..... IMO..... Dave
  7. geerock

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    You might try taking it to 200 to get a little more rendered out. Another thing is to be sure the meat is out of the fridge for a while before laying on the grate. But really what you have is a classic pork butt. You're always going to have to separate some extra fat from them.
  8. yotzee

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    That fat is what gives a butt the flavor and makes it what it is.  As Geerock stated, take it to 200 internal.  205 wont even hurt you.

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