Pork butt two ways...

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  1. idahopz

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    ... one in a pressure cooker and the second one in an SRG.  Costco sells these big pork shoulder cryopacs containing two big hunks of meat.  This time I did the pork two ways:
    • Seasoned heavily with Bad Byron's for 60 minutes in an electric pressure cooker
    • Roasted in an SRG until 205 degree I.T. (only took about 4 hours), then FTC for a couple of hours.  Kissed with GMG fruitwood pellet smoke while the meat was roasting.
    The fatty parts of the pork in the pressure cooker are absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but the eye always turns out a slight bit tough.  You don't really notice it in hash browns, but you can really tell the difference between the pressure cooker final product, and what you pull even with the quick "smoke" in the SRG.

    Roasting away in the SRG

    Out of the cooler and ready to pull

    This must have been a good pig - really easy to pull this roast

    We hollowed out those small loaves from Costco, simply added mayo and a pile of the pork

    Man, we love to cook out!
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  2. bauchjw

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    Beautiful! I'm stuffed but that q view makes me want to eat again! Looks like professional photography!:points:
  3. Great bark and seperation.
  4. chef jimmyj

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  5. foamheart

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    That looks great! Sometime you might try some of Chef JJ's magic! His finish sauce is something special. You don't really realize its there but your pulled pork sure tastes good. Just sometime when you are looking for something to do, it mixes up a small batch. I keep a squeeze bottle of it in my reefer all the time.

    Great looking butt!
  6. smokinal

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    Looks delicious!!

    Great job!!

  7. idahopz

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    Thanks for the positive comments, gents - much appreciated. [​IMG]

    ... and thanks for the recipe, JJ - sounds delicious, and you're absolutely right - would work great in the pressure cooker!
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    I'd like to say, "I don't know how I missed this one", but I miss a lot of great posts!!!

    My eyes just can't take long times on the screen these last few years!!! [​IMG]

    Anyway----That's some Awesome looking Pork you got there, Idaho!![​IMG]-------------[​IMG]

    I'd be all over that !![​IMG]

  9. idahopz

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    Thanks Bear, and appreciate the points!!

    That means alot coming from you!!
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    Looks real tasty, nice job on them ! Thumbs Up
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    Nice!  Ditto on the chef JJ's finishing sauce.  Used it last week on wild hog butt.  Works every time! 
  12. b-one

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    Tasty looking pork!Thumbs Up
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  13. idahopz

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    Thanks for the kind words, gents!

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