Pork Butt Time Savings for Foiling

Discussion in 'Pork' started by call the hogs, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Ok, read a bunch of posts on how foiling cuts down on the cooking time on these Butts.. Gonna Smoke a couple this weekend, and wondering if I wanna long or short smoke, Bark or no Bark. I may do one of each way for a experiment. But wondering what all you folks that have done it both ways, how much time does it knock off by foiling. I'm figuring at a temp of 235, a hour and a half per pound for the non-foil.
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    Each piece of meat is going to be different. I have had 2 in the smoker at the same time at nearly the exact same weight and one stalled for 30 minutes and the other for 2 hours.  So to give you a specific time on foiling is really hard to predict 
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    The thing about BBQ is it is done when it is done.  I have had foil help speed things up but sometimes it makes no difference.  I always foil my butts after I get the color I want and have a significant buildup of bark.  I use it as more of a way to make sure I don't dry it out.  Some call foil a crutch I call it a good tool.   
  4. I've done two butts, both weighing approximately 7-8 lbs, but never at the same time. I foiled one and the second I didn't foil. They both took roughly 14 hrs. Both were moist and tender but the no foil one had the best bark. Good luck!
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    I don't foil them anymore, but we like thick bark. If your pressed for time or in a long stall, foiling will get it going quicker.
  7. Ok Iv never foiled but then I like thick bark. Iv not had any problems out of the 5 or so Iv done with it being moist. I do like to add a finishing sauce though but it is more for flavor than moisture.
  8. Do you guys mop your pork as it cooks if you do not foil?
  9. I dont mopp. Not opposed to it just havent.
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    I, like many, used the 1.5 hr per pound guideline a few times with good results, the last 2 Smokes I got Burned. The last 2 Butts had a long stall and I had the family waiting on me...I am going to go to 2 hours per pound and Rest them rather than Rush them...If you get started on time you can go without Foil unless you need to rest it for any length of time...JJ

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