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    Hey guys, so we're having a family BBQ today. I bought 2 bone in pork butts, each one was just under 8 pounds. I put them in at 11pm last night at 225. Stabilized the temp, then went to bed. Checked on them again, and the temp dropped to around 180. Got the temp back up to 230. It's now noon, and they both have been in stall since 7 am this morning. I wrapped them a little over an hour ago and added some apple juice to them. Dinner is supposed to be at 5, and we have a 30 min drive to get there. I was hoping to have them done around 2-3, so they have a few hours to rest. Is this still a possibility, or is it gonna be pushing it time wise? I bumped the temp up to around 260 when I wrapped them, to help push through the stall. Been at 165-168 degrees for five hours now though
  2. Hello.  I would be concerned about my probes about now.  Let's go "old school": grab that bone with tongs or a gloved hand.  Twist the bone.  If it gives easily, it's done.  If it does not, I would worry about that what I am using to check grill temp is way off.  If the bone does not give easy, get it in the oven.  It should have had plenty of smoke.  Keep Smokin!

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